May 13, 2024

12 Reasons Why a Pre-Summer Deal Strategy Can Boost Client Conversions, Retention and Revenue

Create and promote time-sensitive, seasonal offers to increase traffic and keep members engaged ahead of the warm weather months.

12 Reasons Why a Pre-Summer Deal Strategy Can Boost Client Conversions, Retention and Revenue

Seasonality is part of the fitness industry, and it’s incredibly predictable, from the summer vacation exodus to New Year’s flooding your studio trying to get into a routine. When it comes to your sales and marketing tactics, seasonality should also influence your approach as you attract new clients and nurture your members. So what can you do to increase traffic (and keep classes full) right now ahead of the warm weather months—a notorious downtime for some studio attendance?

Launching pre-summer deals is a strategic way to get creative, boost revenue, and capitalize on intrinsic motivation and personal goals. Here's an in-depth look at various offers, ways to entice new clients, engage your members, and how these deals can fuel success at your fitness studio. (Don’t worry, it’s not too late to start planning those Memorial Day deals!)

1. Tailored membership packages

Design diverse membership plans and packages that cater to different fitness goals and preferences. Consider offering flexible options such as:

  • Unlimited access memberships for frequent visitors
  • Class-specific packages for those interested in specific classes, modalities, and workouts like yoga, Lagree, HIIT, or spin
  • Personal training bundles for clients seeking personalized attention and guidance to reach their goals
  • Family and friend memberships and guest passes to encourage accountability, group participation and promote a sense of community

2. Progressive summer fitness + wellness challenges

Launch a series of progressive challenges leading up to (and into) summer, each focused on different aspects of fitness and wellness. Incorporate elements like:

  • Strength and conditioning programs targeting muscle gain and toning
  • Flexibility and mobility challenges incorporating yoga and Pilates sessions
  • Wellness challenges promoting mindfulness, stress reduction, and self-care practices

3. Engaging (and seasonal) events and workshops

Host various events and workshops to engage existing members and potential new clients (plus, Walla makes it easy to bring a guest!). Consider organizing:

  • Outdoor fitness boot camps or beach workouts to embrace the summer vibe
  • Workshops with expert speakers offering advice on different aspects of well-being, from healthy eating habits to mental health
  • Local wellness retreats or day-long seminars focusing on holistic health and wellness
  • Social events like themed parties, outdoor movie nights, or charity fundraisers to foster community spirit

4. Referral rewards program

Implement a robust referral program to incentivize existing members to bring new clients to your studio. Offer rewards such as:

  • Discounted membership rates or free classes for both the referrer and the new member
  • Merchandise or gift cards redeemable for fitness apparel, equipment, or other branded accessories (great for word-of-mouth marketing!).
  • Exclusive access to VIP events, workshops, or training sessions for loyal referrers

5. Summer fitness festivals

Organize a grand fitness festival of sorts in a local outdoor spot or park to kick off the summer season, showcasing your studio's offerings and attracting a large audience (and inviting media). Consider including:

  • Fitness demonstrations and mini-classes to showcase your instructors and class formats
  • Vendor booths featuring local health and wellness businesses offering samples, products, and services (great for nurturing partnerships!)
  • Live music and entertainment to create a festive atmosphere and encourage community participation
  • Raffles, giveaways, and contests to generate excitement and engagement among attendees

6. Corporate wellness programs

Forge partnerships with local businesses to offer corporate wellness programs, targeting companies looking to promote employee health and well-being. Provide:

  • On-site fitness classes or lunchtime workouts tailored to employees' schedules and preferences
  • Employee wellness challenges with incentives and rewards for participation and achievement
  • Educational workshops on stress management, ergonomics, and healthy work-life balance
  • Customized wellness packages incorporating fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching for corporate clients

7. Digital membership options

Extend your reach beyond the physical studio by leveraging a video strategy and offering digital membership options for clients who prefer to work out remotely or supplement their in-studio sessions (Walla makes VOD super-easy, too!). Provide:

  • Access to live-streamed classes or on-demand workout videos accessible from anywhere
  • Virtual coaching sessions with certified trainers for personalized guidance and support
  • Online community forums or social media groups for members to connect, share resources, and stay motivated

8. Loyalty rewards and perks

Implement a loyalty program to reward clients for their continued commitment to your studio. Offer perks such as:

  • Guest passes earned for attending classes, referring friends, or participating in challenges
  • Redeemable rewards like free classes, exclusive merchandise, or discounts on retail products.
  • VIP privileges such as early access to class bookings, reserved parking spots, or priority event invitations

9. Community outreach and partnerships

Engage with the local community and establish partnerships with neighboring businesses to expand your studio's reach and impact. Consider initiatives such as:

  • Collaborative events or cross-promotions with nearby gyms, wellness practitioners, or sports clubs
  • Sponsorship of community sports teams, charity races, or fitness-related fundraisers
  • Free or discounted classes offered to local schools, community centers, or healthcare facilities to promote health and fitness education
  • Wellness workshops or seminars hosted at local libraries, parks, or community centers to reach underserved populations

10. Summer wellness retreats

Offer exclusive summer wellness retreats or getaways to provide clients a transformative and rejuvenating experience. It doesn’t have to be far away, either! Arrange:

  • Weekend retreats at scenic locations featuring outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, or beach yoga
  • Guided meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, and relaxation techniques to promote mental and emotional well-being
  • Healthy gourmet meals, cooking demonstrations, and nutrition workshops focusing on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients
  • Spa treatments, massage therapy, and wellness services to pamper participants and enhance their overall sense of wellness

11. Comprehensive digital marketing campaigns

Deploy comprehensive digital marketing campaigns to promote your pre-summer deals and attract new clients. Utilize:

  • Targeted social media advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach specific demographics and interests (and use Walla Meta features to analyze results)
  • Email marketing campaigns targeting your existing client base with personalized offers, reminders, and incentives.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure your studio's website ranks high in search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases
  • Influencer partnerships or ambassador programs to leverage the reach and credibility of fitness influencers or local celebrities

12. Data-driven insights and analysis

Leverage data analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of your pre-summer deals and optimize your marketing strategies. Tap into:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as new client sign-ups, revenue growth, and return on investment (ROI) to measure the success of your campaigns (the reporting in Walla helps with that!)
  • A/B testing of different offers, messaging, and promotional channels to identify the most effective strategies
  • Customer feedback surveys and reviews to gather insights into client satisfaction and identify areas for improvement
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment of your marketing tactics based on real-time data and market trends to stay competitive and maximize results

Now, how can these deals fuel the success of your studio?

1. Capitalizing on seasonal trends

Seasonal deals allow your studio to align its offerings with consumer behavior's natural ebb and flow. For example, many individuals are more motivated to kickstart their fitness journey before summer to achieve their desired goals. By offering seasonal deals that cater to these trends, you can attract a larger audience and capitalize on heightened motivation levels.

2. Creating a sense of urgency

Limited-time seasonal deals create a sense of urgency among potential clients, prompting them to take action and sign up before the offer expires. This urgency can drive higher conversion rates as individuals are motivated to seize the opportunity to save money or access exclusive perks available only during the promotional period.

3. Attracting new clients

Seasonal deals are a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients who may be enticed by the discounted rates or special incentives offered. These deals can help expand your studio's reach by capturing the attention of individuals who are actively seeking fitness solutions or looking to try something new as the seasons change.

4. Boosting retention

Offering seasonal deals can also improve client retention by incentivizing existing members to renew their memberships or continue their training programs. By rewarding loyalty and offering value-added benefits to current clients, you can foster a sense of belonging and encourage long-term engagement with your studio.

5. Increasing revenue streams

Seasonal deals have the potential to generate incremental revenue streams for your studio by driving increased enrollment in classes, personal training sessions, or membership packages. The influx of new clients and higher retention rates resulting from these deals can substantially boost overall revenue during peak seasons.

6. Enhancing brand visibility and awareness

Promoting seasonal deals through targeted marketing campaigns can elevate your studio's brand visibility and awareness within the local community. As word spreads about your enticing offers and promotions, you may attract attention from individuals who were previously unaware of your studio or had yet to consider fitness as a priority.

7. Encouraging cross-selling and up-selling

Seasonal deals provide an opportunity to showcase the full range of services and amenities your studio offers. By bundling complementary offerings or introducing special packages that combine different services, you can encourage clients to explore additional options and upgrade their experience, increasing revenue per client.

8. Building relationships and engagement

Seasonal deals allow you to build deeper relationships with your clients by demonstrating your commitment to their health and well-being year-round. By offering tailored promotions and personalized recommendations based on seasonal goals or challenges, you can foster a sense of trust and loyalty that transcends individual transactions.

Implementing timely deals at your fitness studio, especially ahead of the summer season, can fuel growth, retention, and revenue by capitalizing on seasonal trends, creating a sense of urgency, attracting new clients, boosting retention, increasing revenue streams, enhancing brand visibility, encouraging cross-selling and up-selling, building relationships and engagement, inspiring community participation, and collecting valuable feedback and insights. By implementing these comprehensive pre-summer deals and strategies, your studio can position itself for sustained success and profitability throughout the year.

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