March 31, 2023

The Ease of Livestream: Save Time With Walla’s Built-In, Automated Virtual Class Experience

Walla's direct integration with Zoom makes pricing, scheduling, and sending clients' class log-in information simple.

The Ease of Livestream: Save Time With Walla’s Built-In, Automated Virtual Class Experience

The intersection of choice between in-person, in-studio fitness classes and online workout solutions has become the norm. Ultimate consumer flexibility for the sake of safety, well-being, and accommodating busy schedules. Studios are empowering their clients to find movement wherever they are, from their living room to their vacation hotel room to your sunlight studio floor. And in a tech-driven landscape, there’s an expectation of having a high-quality, seamless virtual class experience—because the pandemic was full of online hosting trial and error. That’s why Walla does livestream differently.

Whether your studio schedule and class plans channel the hybrid model or you’re rethinking your livestream marketing and sales class strategy, data solidifies the importance of needing a reliable, convenience-based streaming platform for group fitness classes. Currently, the global virtual fitness market is valued at $16.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.72% in the next seven years. Hello, opportunity! What propels this growth is the rapid shift in fitness flexibility, being able to book and participate in classes online and in person. 

If you haven’t looked at our livestream capabilities, here’s your chance to channel an additional revenue stream without any time-consuming effort. And if you currently offer livestream classes at your studio, consider this your chance to optimize your branded virtual touchpoints further. Here’s how the simplicity of Walla’s built-in livestream hosting, scheduling, and pricing functionality is modernizing how your clients interact with your studio online while giving them a top-notch fitness experience:  

Eliminate technical glitches: Straightforward Zoom integration 


Remember the days of failed logins and duct-taped streaming sources? Yes, we’d like to forget those, too. Located under Business Settings in your Walla software, our integration with Zoom allows you to connect your Zoom Pro account and configure livestream for your studio location(s) with the click of a button. It’s right in the product! Just authorize your Zoom connection and determine, update, and edit your settings for every livestream class (max participants, automatic mute, join after start time, etc.) so there are no instructor or participant surprises when they log in. Reliable and dependable every single time! 

Simplify the details: Determine availability, price, and capacity all in one place


When you add a class to your studio schedule, we make it straightforward to solidify if you want that class to take place via in-studio, livestream, or both, how many people you want to allow to book that class online, and establish pricing. Maybe your 7 am Vinyasa Flow takes place in-person and online. By enabling you to easily define class pricing via dollar and credit amounts for in-person and livestream, you can sell classes to members and non-members based on the worth and perceived value that best fits their schedule and budget. 

Automatic reminders: We will send the livestream links for you before class time!


Once your client books a livestream class, we will auto-generate and send a booking confirmation containing the class details, the option to add to calendar, and a clickable Zoom link. This communication will also include details about how long the livestream link will be active before class time per the preferred timeframe you create (ex: 30 minutes before class). Plus, we will automatically send the clickable Zoom link to clients via email or text—according to their marketing opt-in preferences—right before the class begins, ensuring error-free entry for all participants. And one less thing for your staff to think about!

Save time: Instantly review the roster and start livestream from the class check-in


No need to search or open multiple screens to start your next livestream or hybrid class! When you go to the class check-in screen from your studio schedule, your instructor can immediately begin the livestream class via the white and blue camera button under the class name. This view also gives you a holistic view of the in-person and livestream class roster in one place, enabling you to quickly toggle between rosters to see who is booked, waitlisted, and more instantly! 

Increase studio revenue: Customize and add livestream to any membership


We’ve made adding and including livestream to any past and new plans super simple, allowing you to leverage additional revenue streams. Suppose you want to offer memberships that include just livestream or sell memberships that include in-person and livestream as a hybrid purchasing option. In that case, you can easily create and manage details under the Plan Management section of our software. Marketing and selling studio plans that include livestream give your clients ultimate class flexibility and allow them to choose how they work out while staying connected to your studio community. 

Quickly compare data: Get a snapshot of how in-person compares to livestream


If you’re curious how your attendance is trending when it comes to in-person versus livestream, Walla’s Class Attendance report showcases easy-to-digest data based on class check-in. Located under Average Attendance within this report, you can review the average number of class attendees. The livestream number is based on your max participant's Zoom settings. By being able to compare studio attendance based on how your clients are taking class, you can optimize what class options your studio is offering and see if there’s an influx in online attendance, especially when it comes to the specific months when the weather is a factor for coming into the studio for class. 

Customer retention is the key

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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