March 21, 2024

Why Instructors Are Your Greatest Studio Marketing Asset and How to Incentivize Them

There are no better promoters than those who interact with your clients and fill your studio schedule, so why not leverage those connections?

Why Instructors Are Your Greatest Studio Marketing Asset and How to Incentivize Them

When promoting your studio and attracting new clients, your marketing strategy is vital to improving business metrics and your bottom line. Whether we are talking retention, revenue, conversions (or a full class schedule), leveraging authentic messaging that actually means something can make a difference—and move the needle. What’s one surefire way you can tap into organic marketing without needing extra budget? By collaborating with the people you work with the most: Instructors and teachers at your studio. 

Research shows that 88% of consumers trust word-of-mouth marketing and are more likely to make a purchase and/or decision based on a recommendation made by someone they know and respect. To the tune of $6 trillion every year. That’s why your instructors and teachers are the key to word-of-mouth marketing success! (They just might need a little extra encouragement.) So, we are making it easier than ever for instructors and teachers to showcase their studio classes with direct staff schedule links! This new Walla functionality enables and empowers instructors to instantly generate a direct link to their weekly studio schedule to share across all their personal channels—from social media to email, text, and more. When they share their schedule with their followers, family, contacts, and friends, they organically and authentically share your studio because it’s a place they love to teach at. A place where they are a superstar and belong! Word-of-mouth marketing at its finest: More visibility, fuller classes, new leads, hot opportunities for intro offers, and plan sales… you name it! 

So besides sharing direct links directly from Walla, why else are instructors and teachers your greatest marketing asset, and how can you incentivize them to keep the marketing momentum to your studio's advantage? Let’s dive in!

Studio marketing meets personal brand promotion

1. Expertise and authority

Instructors and teachers typically possess extensive knowledge and expertise in various fitness disciplines and modalities, especially what you offer at your studio. Their credibility and authority in their respective fields make them highly influential in promoting your studio's classes, appointments, and experiences. Current and potential clients are more likely to trust the recommendations and guidance of instructors perceived as experts in their field.

2. Personal connection and trust

Instructors and teachers often develop strong personal connections with their students. Outside of loving your studio brand, it’s why members book certain classes!  These relationships are built on trust, encouragement, and mutual respect. As a result, studio members are more inclined to listen to and act upon recommendations from instructors they trust and admire, from a new class suggestion to a retail item you’re selling in-studio and a bigger investment, like a retreat. This personal connection fosters a sense of loyalty and can significantly impact a client’s decision to join or remain a member of your studio.

3. Word-of-mouth marketing

Yes, we already touched on this, but consider this your reminder that instructors and teachers serve as powerful advocates for your studio. When instructors speak positively about your studio's classes, facilities, overall atmosphere, and community and share their classes (hello, direct links!), their enthusiastic endorsements can profoundly impact attracting new clients. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations from instructors carry significant weight and can lead to organic growth as satisfied clients share their experiences with friends, family, and colleagues.

4. Role modeling and inspiration

Instructors and teachers often serve as role models for their students and your members, embodying the values of health, fitness, wellness, and well-rounded well-being. Their dedication, passion, and commitment to their craft inspire and motivate your studio clients to achieve their fitness and wellness goals, whatever they may be. By leading by example, instructors motivate members and attract individuals who aspire to emulate their accomplishments. A full circle of feel-good studio community love!

5. Ability to customize and personalize

Instructors and teachers at your studio can customize and personalize their instruction to meet the unique needs and goals of the members who fill their classes (and your schedule). By offering personalized guidance, support, and feedback, instructors can create a tailored fitness and wellness experience that resonates with each client and showcases your studio offerings. This personalized approach enhances the overall member experience and fosters long-term loyalty to your studio.

6. Visibility and presence

Instructors and teachers are often the face of your studio, representing your brand, mission, and values to the outside world. Their visibility and presence in the community—both online and offline—help to raise studio brand awareness and attract potential clients. Whether through social media, community events, or local partnerships, instructors are crucial in promoting your studio and increasing visibility within the target market (so make sure they have branded merch to wear!)

Strategies to incentivize instructors and teachers as powerful marketing assets 

1. Develop a comprehensive training and development program 

From Lagree to the next level of yoga and how to leverage client data to increase engagement, develop a comprehensive training program for instructors and teachers that focuses on fitness techniques, communication, branding, and marketing strategies. Ensure they understand your studio's unique selling points, target audience, and key messages. Hand out some branded swag, too. This training can be conducted through workshops, seminars, online courses—or even a lunch and learn or brunch and bond. Get creative to make them want to invest time and attend! Also, support the ongoing professional development of instructors by providing opportunities for further education, certifications, and skill enhancement, which inherently shows value and worth. 

2. Create an incentive structure

Design an incentive structure that rewards instructors for actively promoting the studio. This could include monetary bonuses for bringing in new members, free classes or merchandise for achieving certain milestones, or even performance-based incentives tied to membership sign-ups or class attendance. (Walla makes it easy to do that with data thanks to Instructor Stats and Class Analysis Report). By aligning their incentives with your studio's goals, you can motivate instructors to become enthusiastic brand advocates.

3. Utilize personal branding

Encourage instructors and teachers to develop (or further develop) their personal brand within the context of your studio and their wellness endeavors. This could involve creating professional social media profiles, sharing their fitness journey, and offering valuable content such as workout tips, nutritional advice, or motivational messages. By building a strong personal brand, instructors can attract a dedicated following and extend the reach of the studio's marketing efforts while sharing studio schedule links to promote their classes!

4. Facilitate community engagement 

Foster a sense of community within the studio by organizing events, workshops, challenges, seasonal experiences, and social gatherings involving instructors and members. These events provide opportunities for teachers to interact with clients on a personal level, strengthen relationships, and create a supportive environment conducive to word-of-mouth marketing. Additionally, community events can generate buzz, capture partnership attention, and attract new members drawn to your studio's inclusive and welcoming atmosphere and studio happenings.

5. Collect and showcase testimonials

Actively collect testimonials and success stories from happy members who have benefited from the instruction of studio teachers and relationships with your studio staff. Use these testimonials in marketing materials, on your website, and across social media platforms to showcase the positive impact of the studio and its instructors. Authentic testimonials provide social proof and build credibility, making it easier to attract and convert new clients.

6. Offer exclusive instructor-led workshops and events

Consider hosting special workshops, masterclasses, or events led by teachers to showcase their expertise and attract new clients. These exclusive events can focus on niche topics, advanced techniques, or specialized training modalities that appeal to specific segments of your target audience. It’s also a great way to engage different levers of studio marketing! Promote these events through targeted email marketing campaigns and partnerships to maximize attendance and exposure, further bringing your community closer together while promoting everything your studio incorporates and stands for. 

Instructors and teachers are invaluable assets to your fitness studio due to their expertise, personal connections, word-of-mouth influence, role modeling, ability to customize, and visibility in the community. By implementing these strategies and harnessing the power of instructors and teachers as ambassadors for your studio, you can effectively market their offerings, attract new clients, and cultivate a loyal client base while creating a thriving community of fitness and wellness enthusiasts.

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