February 22, 2024

How Walla’s New Permissions Can Keep You In Control of Studio Security and Operations

And five reasons why setting permissions can implement boundaries and manage more efficiently and effectively.

How Walla’s New Permissions Can Keep You In Control of Studio Security and Operations

When it comes to your studio management software, eliminating the tech headache and making everyday interactions uncomplicated should be a top priority, so that’s why we built Walla. Another element to running your studio successfully is having control, implementing sustainable processes, and creating boundaries—from visibility into personal client data to plan management and front desk responsibilities. That’s where one crucial component comes in: Permissions.

Permissions are key to how your studio and staff function and create a baseline of security, role hierarchy, and accessibility. In Walla, reviewing and editing permissions under Business Settings > Staff Permissions is straightforward, allowing you to instantly update who can see what in seconds. And when you asked for new permissions in Walla, our team listened with updated controls that can help you stay in power because, as a studio owner and manager, you want daily, solution-oriented tools and settings!

  • Manage Client Plans: Add and deduct passes/credits for clients + guests, stop auto-renew
  • Gift Card Settings: Only impacts gift card business settings
  • Create a Course: Establish and publish new video course details
  • Client Profile: Access to all client details, including personal information
  • Create an Enrollment: Establish all details and publish to schedule
  •  Add Enrollment to Location: Assign an enrollment to a specific studio location
  • All Marketing Permissions: App announcements, lead intake forms and responses, audiences, automations, tags, newsletters, promotions, promo codes, push notifications, and tagging/untagging clients 
  • All Location Sections: Access to view and edit all location details, including services, retail, rooms, staff, etc. 
  • Create a Business Location: Add a studio and establish settings
  • Sensitive Info Tab: Allow access to staff compensation information
  • Create Products: Price and add retail items to inventory

With the ability to deliberately assign additional access levels and privileges across various areas and functionalities within your studio, here’s a more in-depth explanation of why setting permissions is necessary. 

1. Data security and privacy

Your Walla software contains sensitive information about clients, including personal details and payment information. You can control who can access this data by setting permissions, ensuring that only authorized staff members can view or modify sensitive information. This helps protect client privacy and reduces the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

2. Employee roles and responsibilities

Different staff members within your studio have varying roles and responsibilities. Setting permissions allows you to align access levels with specific job functions. For example, front desk staff may need access to scheduling and client information, while trainers may require access to creating classes and courses. By defining permissions based on roles, you can streamline workflows and empower employees to perform their duties effectively.

3. Ultimate efficiency

Permissions help streamline workflow processes by ensuring staff members have access to the tools and information needed to perform their tasks effectively. By granting appropriate permissions, you eliminate unnecessary barriers and delays in accessing critical functions within Walla, promoting operational efficiency and enhancing your team's overall productivity.

4. Mitigation of errors and misuse

Software functionalities can be misused in a busy studio environment if permissions are not correctly managed. For example, allowing unauthorized staff members to make changes to class schedules or client accounts can lead to confusion and operational disruptions. By setting permissions, you reduce the likelihood of errors and misuse, maintaining data accuracy and consistency within Walla—and your fitness business.

5. Client trust and satisfaction

Clients expect their personal information to be handled with care and confidentiality. By implementing strict permission settings, you reassure clients that their data is secure and only accessible to authorized personnel. This builds trust and enhances overall client satisfaction, contributing to positive relationships and long-term loyalty.

Setting permissions in Walla is essential for ensuring data security, aligning employee roles and responsibilities, streamlining workflows, mitigating errors and misuse, and fostering client trust and satisfaction. By carefully managing permissions, you can optimize the use of Walla and create a secure and efficient environment for both staff and clients.

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