April 11, 2024

How We Are Upgrading the Walla Support Experience With Intercom

Transitioning to a new platform can enhance every interaction and answer!

How We Are Upgrading the Walla Support Experience With Intercom

Imagine instant service meets an exceptional support experience whenever you contact Walla. To our team, providing you with software and technical customer support isn’t just about answering questions—it’s about setting you up for long-term success, saving you time, and making every interaction beneficial and meaningful for both you and your studio staff. And using technology as a mutual advantage in a fast-paced world where you don’t have time to wait for resolutions. That’s why the Walla Support and Customer Success teams are upgrading, thanks to the industry’s best tool, Intercom

Integrated into Walla and your support engagement within the next two weeks, Intercom is a modern, efficient, and best-in-class system with zero downtime and allows us to give you precisely what you need instantly! By being able to utilize support technology to our (and your) advantage, we are not only helping you use Walla to the best of your ability, but we are also helping you and your team make better, more timely decisions that can directly and positively impact your studio community, clients, and your bottom line. 

“Intercom allows our team at Walla to focus on what matters most: You, our studio partner. When we spend less time going through tickets and more time engaging with your studio and staff, we can provide an exceptional support experience at Walla—something that our industry desperately lacks. It’s all about real people, real conversations, in real time. At its core, Intercom lets us flex our FitTech expertise, create innovative processes, and continually be forward thinking, just like our studio management software.”  - Heather McCormick, Director of Customer Service at Walla

When we leverage AI with the human touch with Intercom, every support interaction is built for time-saving success, so you leave every conversation educated and connected to the Walla product and your goals. Here are a few reasons why we’re confident you’ll love Intercom as much as (if not more than) us! 

Additional attention + insight into your in-depth inquiries

Not all support questions are the same; sometimes, we need to do some digging to get you a more informed response and resolution. With Intercom, the Walla Support Team can now automate routine and administrative tasks within our customer service universe, meaning individual team members can collectively focus on the more complex questions and issues you might have more immediately. 

Tech plus our team equals faster support response time 

Time is the most valuable resource. (It’s why we built Walla!) So our support efforts should reflect something we tout without in our software: Saving time. Intercom empowers us to do that by blending AI efforts with a human touch. By blending our team with technology in Intercom, we can address your questions more quickly, utilizing AI where appropriate and necessary. We can instantly maximize productivity for your studio and the Walla staff, helping you find accurate answers when you need them most. 

A better, more modern, and engaging personalized support experience

Yes, the functionality of Intercom is top-notch, but the design and layout? It’s beautiful and easy to navigate—and we know you will love it! Intercom’s intuitive design makes your support inquiry more engaging and makes our in-house team more efficient. The sleek, responsive design partnered with better internal support ticket management means that every engagement with you has a personalized history so we can instantly reference exactly what you’ve addressed in the past if needed and provide you with individual, customizable resolutions so you can get back to you do best—running your studio and creating community connections.  

Streamlined knowledge base and user-friendly resources you’ve been wanting

Allowing you to access written and video support content when you need it most? That’s a must, and with Intercom’s user-friendly knowledge base design, you can get your hands on innovative and intuitive support solutions independently in seconds. By equipping you with the tools to do that and internally optimizing our support content, you’ll be able to find the resources you need, helping you learn and fix common Walla questions and tech issues on your own. 

Keeping track and keeping support in step with your needs 

Whether you’re chatting via messenger or sending in an email, Intercom enables the Walla support team to proactively keep track of your tickets and the progress of every individual ticket. Think of the Domino’s Pizza Tracker. We will also be in the know and informed, eliminating repetitiveness, so every one of our team members knows what is happening even if you have never engaged with them before. Knowing the status of your support questions is critical to answering your questions, big or small.

Real conversations remain a priority 

Yes, we are integrating Intercom’s industry-leading AI tools, but Walla support will never lose its human touch. Intercom’s intuitive design makes our team more efficient with your questions while saving you time with streamlined interactions. You are always connected to an empathetic (super knowledgable) expert who knows Walla inside and out. Your inquiries aren’t just a ticket in the queue; they are meaningful conversations as we create a deeper relationship with your studio and your process. 

Intercom’s groundbreaking technology and customer-friendly (and customer-first) platform are laying a new, exciting layer to the Walla experience—better supporting the foundation for growth at your studio as we expand our capabilities while always having your goals in mind!

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