June 22, 2023

Walla’s Marketing Suite is Here! Upgrade Email Communication, Stay Relevant, and Earn More Revenue

Walla’s industry-first features make it easy for your studio to target your clients with the right message at the right time.

Walla’s Marketing Suite is Here! Upgrade Email Communication, Stay Relevant, and Earn More Revenue

Ready to drive revenue on auto-pilot? Want to confidently send relatable and relevant communication without needing a third party? With Walla’s all-new, built-in Marketing Suite, we empower your studio to market smarter (not harder) with industry-first features and functions that enable you to automate your marketing efforts and automatically target individual clients with the right message at the right time because the power of personalization is real! 

In a digitally-driven world, personalization matters now more than ever—and it’s an expectation—especially regarding consumer consumption. 76% say they become frustrated when this doesn’t happen! At its very core, personalization drives performance, revenue, and retention, and how and when your clients engage is crucial to growth and success. 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement, with an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences. That’s why Walla’s Marketing Suite is built to help your studio easily, efficiently, and effectively leverage personalized marketing tactics, including our industry-first personality typology, to stay relevant with messaging that lands in a crowded and competitive fitness and wellness industry. 

"Consumers, your clients, are constantly inundated with the same message across multiple verticals and channels," says Doug Hecht, CEO and Co-founder of Walla. "Casting a wide marketing net to capture attention and instigate action doesn't work. What works is sending hyper-personalized communication that speaks to individual audiences and experiences—and Walla enables your studio to automate these touchpoints using data-driven, personalized marketing interactions." 

So what technology does Walla’s fully-integrated Marketing Suite utilize to help your studio deepen relationships and nurture authentic connections so leads become long-term members and clients keep buying and booking while achieving their goals? And how are we taking fitness marketing to the next level? It starts with accurate data integrated within our software so your studio never misses a beat and always sends the most relevant message. 

Get your data automated: Let expertly curated automations work behind the scenes to increase client connections and revenue

Walla’s proven automations enable you to engage with and convert more clients with customized messaging related to specific points of a client’s studio experience. Rather than asking your front desk team to email every client the day before the intro offer expires, imagine it happening without lifting a finger and seeing the conversion revenue pour in. Instantly increase engagement with personalized content and suggestions (like a 10-class membership pack or an unlimited monthly membership based on their individual booking behavior) and create dynamic audiences that allow who you send your automations to be right. And on point every single time.  Now you can spend more time with your clients and less time worrying about marketing since there’s no data downtime with Walla!

Walk the path to membership with your clients: Convert at scale with always-relevant communication thanks to Journeys 

In the Walla Marketing Suite, Journeys are the backbone of every marketing campaign by creating high-performing and engaging communication with perfectly sequenced automations, meaning every client gets noticed! From converting a new client from their summer intro offer to monthly membership to celebrating a birthday (or hundredth class), foster brand loyalty by creating and sending triggered personalized messages that consistently hit, based on time and targeted communication that showcase your studio in the best, most relatable way! 

Save more time with communication accuracy: Manage, search, and track studio contacts with Audiences 

Part of emailing your clients relevant, personalized content is knowing exactly who you are communicating with—without wasting time! In Walla’s Marketing Suite, you’ll use Audiences to organize all studio contacts into highly-curated groups for faster searching and segmentation based on current, real-time data. Because our marketing capabilities are built-in, so no API or data missteps! Your studio will be able to improve sales by reaching super-specific studio members based on parameters like personality type or number of visits in a constantly updated list of contacts. Wouldn't it be a relief to always feel confident in your targeted messaging?  Date of first visit, last class taken, account balance, member status—mix and match sets of unique, predefined conditions so you can get super granular with exactly who receives what messages, increasing open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately purchases! 

Keep track of client status: Categorize your studio contacts with Tagging for more strategic communication

Segmentation is key to personalized communication and successful, results-driven marketing automation capabilities, so that’s why Walla’s Marketing Suite has launched its first iteration of Tagging! The color-coded tags you create can be anything from “completed teacher training” to “level 2” for Pilates. Please note tags are manual right now and only viewable in the Contact Center—but automated functionality is coming, and that’s when you’ll want “100th class” type tags so they update in real-time. Once a tag is created, you can easily filter, organize and assign specific tags to your contacts, keeping you in control of who receives what communication based on their activity. Now that’s a win for your clients and a win for strategic messaging! 

While there are even more exciting features and functions to come in Walla’s Marketing Suite—like newsletters, beautifully designed emails, and conversion tracking—you’ll immediately be able to see the power of a fully-integrated marketing product within our platform, revolutionizing customized, personalized communication within the fitness and wellness industry while boosting revenue and retention with every message!  

Interested in learning more? Get exclusive access to a demo of Walla’s all-new marketing, communication, and engagement features!

Customer retention is the key

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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