May 9, 2024

How Walla Snippets Make Texting Clients Easy While Helping Your Studio Stay On Brand

Always keep your messages consistent and aligned with your voice and tone.

How Walla Snippets Make Texting Clients Easy While Helping Your Studio Stay On Brand

Did you know there’s a science behind texting your clients? Yes, it has to do with the dopamine loop, but it also has to do with consistent engagement (and open rates 5x more than email). With 85% of consumers preferring text messages, contacting your clients directly through their smartphone is a win-win for both retention and revenue. But what happens when you or a studio staff member misses the texting mark? That can cause a disconnect from your brand—and that’s why we created Walla Snippets. 

Snippets allow you to write and add custom copy that can be pasted into a text message via your inbox. This means your staff can instantly add and send predefined and predetermined texts (And edit the copy if they have permission). Adding copy under Snippets enables consistency across text messages while keeping your studio brand’s voice and tone dialed in. We all know that feeling when someone texts you from a number you have saved, but sounds like a different person.

So why is consistent brand voice and tone important when communicating with your clients and leads via text? Snippets are created to save you time and keep your brand on point, instilling familiarity and trust. Here are eight reasons why Walla Snippets are the best way to communicate via text with your studio members—and why a consistent brand voice and tone truly matters.  

1. Brand identity reinforcement

Your brand voice encapsulates your studio’s personality, values, and communication style. Whether your studio brand is playful and edgy, casual, or formal and authoritative, maintaining consistency ensures that every interaction, both in person and digitally, reinforces these aspects of your brand identity. Consistency helps your clients understand what your studio stands for and what they can expect from you.

2. Trust and credibility

Consistency breeds trust. When your members encounter a consistent brand voice across various communication channels, including text messages, it signals reliability and professionalism. Trust is fundamental in business relationships (and retention), and consistent communication helps establish and maintain it. Clients are likelier to trust a brand that delivers consistent messaging, implying stability and reliability.

3. Audience connection

Understanding your target audience is crucial for effective communication. Consistent messaging tailored to your member’s preferences, interests, and communication styles helps forge a deeper connection. By speaking their language and addressing their needs consistently and concisely, you demonstrate that you understand and empathize with them, fostering stronger relationships and studio loyalty.

4. Clarity and understanding

Inconsistent messaging can confuse or mislead clients, leading to misunderstandings or frustration. A consistent tone ensures clarity and facilitates understanding and a deeper relationship with your studio. Members should not have to decipher varying tones or messages, which can create confusion and impact trust. Clear, consistent communication helps clients grasp your intended message quickly and easily, enhancing their overall studio experience.

5. Brand recall and recognition

A distinct and consistent brand voice facilitates brand recall and recognition. A consistent voice makes your studio brand more memorable when clients encounter your text messages. Over time, consistent communication reinforces your brand's presence in your members’ minds, increasing the likelihood of them recognizing your brand—and reminding them to book and stay engaged with your studio (and schedule). 

6. Differentiation in the market

In a competitive fitness and wellness industry, differentiation is the key to standing out. Your studio brand voice is a unique identifier that distinguishes you from competitors. Consistency in tone helps solidify this differentiation, making your studio more memorable and compelling to clients. A consistent brand voice can become a competitive advantage, attracting leads who resonate with your unique class offerings and values.

7. Emotional engagement

Emotions play a significant role in consumer behavior and decision-making. By creating consistent, authentic Snippets in Walla, your studio can evoke desired emotions, strengthening the emotional connection between clients and your brand. Whether it's humor, empathy, excitement, or trust, a consistent brand voice can elicit specific emotional responses, fostering deeper engagement and affinity with your studio brand.

8. Overall brand experience

Every interaction with your studio shapes the overall client experience. Consistency in brand voice ensures that each touchpoint, especially text messages, contributes to a cohesive and positive experience. From the first text message to subsequent interactions, maintaining consistency reinforces your studio’s identity, values, and commitment to customer satisfaction, ultimately enhancing the overall brand experience.

A consistent brand voice and tone in studio-to-client text messages are vital for reinforcing brand identity, building trust, connecting with your audience, facilitating understanding, enhancing brand recall, differentiating your brand, fostering emotional engagement, and delivering a cohesive brand experience. By prioritizing consistency in communication, businesses can strengthen customer relationships and drive long-term success.

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